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Clara Community Environment Group Community Employment Scheme is a fantastic organization to have based in Clara. It offers wonderful opportunities to it participants and services to the local people and businesses in Clara and surrounding areas. I really enjoyed my time on the scheme. It gave me the chance to rebuild my confidence, to learn new skills and meet new people. The CE Scheme also helped me to prepare myself to get back into full-time employment by offering me the opportunity to retrain through funded QQI accredited courses.


I previously completed a level 8 degree in AIT but discovered many employers focus on experience which I didn't have. The CE Scheme has allowed me to gain valuable work experience and has helped me to focus on my full time employment opportunities.


Becoming part of the CE Scheme has been great. It has helped me to achieve so much enrolling for courses and furthering my education. It has also allowed me to flourish in my creativity within my job. CE is a great platform for someone who would like to get back into the workplace but may be a little nervous getting back out there. It also gives you so many opportunities and helps you explore other avenues of work that you may not have even thought about before.